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Several of the most popular topics -- ones that keep recurring in our pages -- have been turned into Virtual Booklets, a part of our Continuing Education Series. Below are links to some of our Virtual Booklets that relate to the theme of integrating essences with other healing modalities.

Virtual Booklet: Essences and Bodywork
This collection includes articles about massage, Reiki, chiropractic, yoga, acupuncture, herbs, quitting cigarettes, and health care for the seriously ill, as well as in-depth portraits of some essences commonly used with body work.

Virtual Booklet: Dreams, Essences and Archetypes
This collection includes five articles on essences and dreamwork plus a number of articles from a Jungian viewpoint.

Virtual Booklet: Astrology and Essences
This treasure trove for the astrology student includes about 30 articles on the ways that astrology and essences combined can make a shift in the ways people respond to their birth charts, and the current planetary energies.

Virtual Booklet: Practitioner Education Articles
A collection of two dozen articles for readers at the practitioner level, including counseling concerns, managing the healing crisis, burnout for the practitioner, essence selection, toners, ethics, and self-monitoring.


September, 2000: Essences Used with Other Healing Tools
Included in this special issue are articles about combining essences with massage, Reiki, psychotherapy, astrology, and dreamwork.

November, 2002: Health, Well-Being and Essences
This special issue tackles the knotty problem of using essences as part of a regimen of care for physical illnesses and physical well-being. It explains why most essence companies and schools are very careful not to make claims for physical healing.

another cornflower?November, 2005: Essences and Intention
A special double-sized issue that explores the healing power of intention and that of water, then discusses a number of applications of these important ideas in essence work.

November, 2006: Essences and the Chakras
An in-depth exploration of the role healing work on the energy body (aura) and the various centers within it (the chakras) plays in creating more joy, love, health, and well-being, as well as healing long-standing blockages. There are articles about each of the 7+ chakras, showing essences to catalyze healing.

August, 2006: Essences and Light
Lightwork and color healing are potent healers in their own right, but some of our authors are beginning to use essences to enhance lightwork -- and lightwork to create more powerful essences. Includes articles on specific colors, as well as environmental essences such as those made with the light of the aurora borealis.

May, 2002: Essences and Spiritual Practice
A collation of articles by authors of various spiritual persuasions about how essences like Lotus or Holy Water can enhance spiritual practices like meditation, yoga, mindfulness, mandalas, forgiveness, and the cultivation of gratitude.
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