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Olive: a Mainstay for the Weary Soul
©2008 Mari Prackauskas
oil-cured olivesWhere to start? Without Olive, I might not be writing this now; I had been feeling drained, fragile, and aching of limb, and generally out of the run of things. But a swig of Olive when I felt it take hold, and I was up and running -- well, perhaps not quite running -- and ready for what the day might bring.

There was in fact a moment when I had to admit to Vibration's editors that I was too tired to contemplate writing this article; and it actually took a moment or two for the irony to sink in. I was mortified! I reached for my jumbo-sized bottle -- amongst my most frequently replenished -- and got to work (adding some Larch, too, my confidence-booster.) It's that feeling of utter depletion that is the warning indicator for this particular remedy; when body and soul have gone to that place where heaviness and inertia reign. And it's not just for physical reasons that this most undesirable state makes its presence felt; there's that deep weariness of soul that plays its part in it all too.

olive grove in full bloom!"The weary soul" is a state recognisable to all of us, and hardly dependent on age; but the challenges encountered along life's journey can make it a more familiar companion as time goes on. Indeed weariness is a necessary state sometimes; we all need to take time out, and our bodies are often a true barometer in this respect. Life IS tiring; how could it not be? And when this tiredness manifests itself, then Olive is ready and waiting to serve.

Attaining seniorhood is no mean feat; and sometimes nigh on miraculous, given the imbalances we've endured. Years of a poor life-style may irrevocably take their toll, leading to a form of burn-out when we can least cope with it. It might be that we have partied hard and long. We may have been involved in often stressful family circumstances of caring, where our priorities have not been inwardly directed, but have focused out on our nearest and dearest. Neglect of the self, in all its aspects, may accompany one over the years; but becomes more obvious, less easy to cope with as one ages. A full-time career, or having to work at a burdensome job for economic reasons, can sap the life force in an ongoing, relentless way; long struggles that leave one ultimately washed out and vulnerable to illness. So that finally, when body and mind should at last be in a position to relax after all these travails, they are too worn out to embrace the new possibilities that retirement affords...

brine-cured olivesIllnesses then, though by no means confined to the second half of life, can play their part in creating that weary exhaustion that so takes the edge off it all. Olive can be a real emotional saviour in situations of chronic ill health, when resources become depleted, and generate a re-engagement with life that is essential for these to begin to reassert themselves. Sudden knock-backs in health, or still-ongoing ripples from illnesses never quite resolved; all these can drain the energies so vital to a full and productive existence. Major life losses brought about by the passing of loved ones, divorce and separation, or by profound upheavals regarding one's home or status in life; all these can debilitate to the nth degree... And even when there has been physical recovery, it may be that inwardly, a subsequent weakness clings on, lowering the spirits and making the smallest task seem a mountain to climb. Here, too, Olive is invaluable, enabling one to cross the bridge to wellness, and taking on life in all its maturity...

ancient olive treeAnd just to mention other Bach remedies which can ease one through the unwelcome state of exhaustion:

Hornbeam, of course, sometimes taken in conjunction with Olive, and there for those inevitable moments of lethargy and non-motivation.
Oak when one has pushed way past sensible limits.
Elm when the weary strain of too many tasks takes its toll.
Impatiens for exhaustion brought on by perpetual tension.
Vervain for being worn out by over-enthusiasms.
Wild Rose addressing the weariness of apathy and resignation.
White Chestnut for fretting above and beyond the natural bounds of anxiety.

Just what is it about the Olive tree that makes it such an alpha-helper in one's hour of energetic need? (Olive is actually one of Dr Bach's designated Seven Helpers.) Olea europaea is a venerable and ancient species, slow-growing, and exceptionally long-lived -- some have been recorded as surviving up to two thousand years! It can endure the hottest conditions, and needs little water; and displays the most amazing stamina... It is able to produce olives for generation after generation, flowering and bearing fruit right to the end of its life, when it can be cut down to start all over again. Its flowers blossom even under the harshest circumstances; and it is not going too far to call it "Inexhaustible"... Its pale flowers are clustered together, signifying strength in numbers, mustered forces; and their essence is fittingly extracted by the sun method.

And of course the Olive tree will forever be associated with the symbol of peace; and for its connotations of renewal. I wish I'd known about the Olive remedy in the days when I was laid pretty low by life, and having to make the long haul back as best I could. But it is there for me now, as life enters a new and welcome phase; the essence of regeneration...

click to read or post to our message board about vibrational/flower essencesABOUT THE AUTHOR: As a qualified Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, Mari Prackauskas is busy establishing her holistic practice in East Sussex, UK, with particular emphasis on the healing potential of flower remedies. She is also a qualified Reiki practitioner; and a tarot (and flower oracle) reader... Mari's website is currently very much a work-in-progress (www.marigold-healing.co.uk). She also sells secondhand books online, including holistic health titles; see www.marigold-books.co.uk. And she is ever available for proofreading and editorial duties! Mari's email: mari16@beamingmail.com.

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