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Table of Contents -- Vitality at Any Age: Essences and Aging

Exploring the Golden Years with Essences
by Donna Cunningham, MSW
How this special theme issue came about and what you'll learn here

Natural Healing: An Answer for Seniors, Too
by Mary Ann Dittmeier, BFRP
Why getting older doesn't have to mean getting sick

another sacred species of oak treeRadiance for Women in Mid-Life and Beyond: Flower Essences For Emotional Change
by Kendall Hale
Celebrating women in maturity with essences to empower them

Bach Remedies to Ease the Stress of Retirement
by Rachelle Hasnas, MSW
That long-awaited day may pose more difficulties than you thought

The Walnut Tree: A Vegetative Guardian Angel for Folks in Transition
by Anja Heij
A primary remedy for senior life changes like retirement and relocation

Stuck in the Past? Honeysuckle Helps You Embrace the "Now"
by Connie Barrett
If you're homesick for people or places past, this essence can help

Cobweb Essence: A Liquid Dreamcatcher?
by Ivory Phoenix
She's back with more insights into an old favorite of hers

Olive -- A Mainstay for the Weary Soul
by Mari Prackauskas
Vibration's able proofreader finally chimes in with a favorite essence

Accessing the Grandparent Within Through Tree Essences
by Dirk Albrodt and Diana Pepper
We could all use a bit of loving grandparent energy, even us seniors!

Flower Essences for Caregivers
by Sheryl Karas, M.A.
Stresses caregivers of the elderly face, and essences to help

Emotional Effects of Chronic or Serious Illness
By Deborah Bier, PhD
Helping patients, their caregivers and families cope

Hospice Care, Flower Essences, and Aromatherapy
by Maggie Smith
How alternative methods are bringing peace to the terminally ill

Grief, Initiation and the Puple Crocus: A Healing Journey
by Isha Lerner
A breakthrough essence for grief -- current or long-buried

"Don't Need No Stinkin' Flower Remedies!"
by Roger the Codger
A crusty widower shares a man's perspective on essence healing

Oak: This Issue's Signature Remedy

another sacred species of oak tree

Notice as you enter our sacred oak grove that there are oak leaves on the background of every page in this edition. We believe strongly that Oak is the most powerful remedy for anyone who's struggling with seniorhood or who wants to get even more out of these blessed years of being an elder. That's why we've named it the signature remedy for this issue. The articles linked below will give you an in-depth picture of Oak's properties and why it has been a sacred tree to Indo-European cultures for hundreds of years. Come take a stroll through the sacred grove with us.

Oak: A Tonic for the Senior Soul
by Donna Cunningham, MSW
Newly a senior herself, the author weathered exhaustion through Oak

Oak's Magical History: Sacred to the Ancients, Still Loved Today for its Strength
by Ellen Evert Hopman, M.Ed.
Lore from Druids and other ancient cultures throws light on Oak's mystique

Garry Oak Essence: Ancestral Wisdom from a Sacred Grove
by Diana Pepper
White Oak native to the Cascades adds new dimensions to Oak remedies

What? You Want More Tree Essence Articles?!
Check out the ones linked to this roundup of articles from Vibration's archives!

Next Issue: Vibration's 10th Anniversary Edition!
by Deborah Bier, PhD
10 years online makes us senior citizen of the internet; plus peek at the next edition's theme

The WWES Resource Guide: Victim of its Own Success
Our 100,000+ monthly visitors will find this resource no more

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