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Marigold Essence: Physical World Tagetes spp

Key Statements:

  • I dislike my physical body.
  • I am impractical.
  • My senses are dull.
Complemented by
Crimson Rose Essence

monarch butterly resting on a marigold Many spiritual disciplines teach detachment from the physical world: manifestation is but illusion. Contrary to this philosophy, Marigold believes that the material realm is real and meets physical life with joy and zest! Marigold loves the concrete world: the physical body, material goods, money, sex, sensual and sensory experiences -- all things of the physical plane.

This does not mean, however, that Marigold asks us to love the material above all else. Nor does it mean a denouncement or degradation of feeling, thought, or spirit... not in the least! Marigold is happiest welcoming these intangibles into the practical and everyday. This allows us to embody and express our innermost gifts to the outside world. Marigold brings spiritual qualities and values into reality... right into the here and now!

grasshoppers are looking at YOU!Marigold appreciates physical structure, mathematics, science and order. It also knows the inherent messiness of life and that entropy is undeniable. Order and chaos: these two seemingly opposing forces describe the fullness of our experience -- which we have to learn to live with, if not like.

Sight, sound, hearing, smell, touch: Marigold's senses are awake. It seeks to become a better observer, more aware of physical sensation, unlocking the great wisdom of the manifest body. Look to Marigold to turn the volume up on the whispered secrets we have locked in our bones, cells, and the very fluids and tissues comprising our physical form.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Deborah Bier, M.Ed. is co-Editor and a frequent contributor to Vibration Magazine. For more information about her and more of her articles, see here.

ART CREDITS: Hometown Websmith and of ArtToday.

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