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When Laura was very young, she was curious about how everything worked. If her mother was cooking in the kitchen, Laura wanted to help; if her father was building something in the basement, she wanted to learn how. Her most frequently repeated expression was, "Let me do it." Although her parents tended to be impatient people without much desire to teach her, they made half-hearted attempts. One day her mother let her stir something on the stove, but the moment Laura caused liquid to splash on the stove, her mother grabbed the spoon, saying, "Look what a mess you made."

Her father let her help in a simple sanding project, but when she said her hands hurt, he took the sandpaper away, saying, "See, this is no job for you. Girls have delicate skin."

For a little while, she kept on asking to do things, but whenever she tried, her parents pointed out--in some detail--her mistakes. One day her mother asked, "Do you want to help me bake some cookies?" Laura shook her head slowly, "No, it's all right, you do it."

Larch is about self-confidence, the ability to dare to believe that you can create something and the confidence to begin, to continue, to complete. Inherent in the unbalanced Larch condition is a fear of failure. Rarely did this fear emerge overnight. Nor is it usually caused by repeated failure. People who need this essence aren't those who try and fail to manifest their dreams. They rarely try at all, being much more likely to talk themselves out of a dream before it's begun. They are genuinely convinced of their inability to do anything original, or even challenging. They are mines of unrealized potential.

Taking a Deeper Look

This fear, like most fears, is acquired in childhood. The person in need of Larch may have parents who themselves feared to fail and lived cautious, conservative lives. They may have instilled this caution in their children with such phrases as "Better safe than sorry" or "take the straight and narrow path." If the child expresses even a faint interest in some "off-beat" profession, the parents will quickly remind him that nothing is more important than security.

To some extent, this attitude stems from the unique nature of human infancy and childhood. We are born relatively helpless and take a fairly long time to learn how to protect ourselves. Our parents, as guardians of our safety, believing that they're protecting their children, try to keep them from living more adventurous lives than they have done. Such a parent may say, "I'm only thinking of your own good, and you'll never make any money as an artist," or "she's a very nice girl, but too different from you."

I'll Do It . . . You Do It

Alternatively, the Larch person may have highly successful parents whose accomplishments have left her feeling defeated before she even began. If these parents are also hypercritical, they may also stifle a child's desire to learn new things with the fear of scorn or humiliation.

No one is born worrying about failure. The repeated litany of every child is "Let me do it." They want to ice the cake, stack the logs, and open the bottle. If their natural enthusiasm is countered with, "Look, you spilled it," "No, you did it wrong," they withdraw from the world of exploration and become bystanders.

They bury the desire to experiment and test their abilities that is part of the joy of being alive. They conclude, without jealousy, they don't have something that others do. They accept limitations that don't exist.

Milder and/or more specific cases of low self-esteem are very common. You, for example, might be very confident that you can sing beautifully or play a musical instrument, but when it comes to effectively using a computer, you're sure that whatever you do that isn't in the (hard-to-understand) manual will freeze the screen.

Many people experience a challenge to self-confidence when they begin to tread an entirely new path. Because they've never done something before, they are unsure about what will work and won't. They may anticipate humiliation and failure.

Depending on how deep the feeling of low self-confidence is, Larch may work gently or powerfully. In the positive Larch state, one acts, free of inner obstacles to success. There is a general feeling of confidence that comes with the reclaiming of one's innate abilities.

Supportive Measures

You have the ability. You do. You do. You do. Remind yourself of this often. Whatever your parents told you about yourself was their opinion. It doesn't have to be yours. No one knows you like you do.

Start taking small risks. Learn something new once a week.

Learn something artistic, just for fun.

Catch yourself saying, "I could never do that." Stop saying that.

Make daily lists of at least ten things you appreciate about yourself and daily lists of ten accomplishments. In the beginning, you may find yourself writing the same things. As you go on, though, you will find this is like flexing a muscle. You will find an expanded ability for self-appreciation

click to read or post to our message board about vibrational/flower essencesABOUT THE AUTHOR: Connie Barrett does flower essence counseling for people and pets, including by email. This article is from a book she wrote which accompanies her Bach Flower Remedies course. For more about Connie's work and links to her previous articles in Vibration, visit her Frequent Contributor's Page.

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