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Solar Power: Remedies and
The Solar Plexus Chakra

©2004 by Gaye Mack, M.A., Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner
Note: The following is reprinted with permission from Igniting Soul Fire: Spiritual Dimensions of the Bach Flower Remedies, from Polair Publishing, London, UK, 2004.

Located in what is known as the solar plexus of our body, the third chakra is where our conscious "fire" lies. It is this fire that we need in order to progress forward when faced with karmic challenges along our soul-path. Third-chakra issues include sensitivity to external critics, invalidation by others, lack of self-esteem, and the inability to trust our intuitive voice, which is the voice of our soul.

When our third center is contracted, our self-esteem is weak, and, for some of us, totally nonexistent. In this contracted state, there is a lack of self-confidence as well a lack of ability to succeed in the external world. We are unaware that we are compromised, because we easily defer to others -- believing they are smarter, more experienced, have more talent, and are more creative. In a simple phrase, they are more and we are invisible. The reality is that in our deferment, we have abdicated not only our personal power, but also our divinity.

Larch is the remedy Bach identified for issues of self-esteem. As the lack of self-esteem is the core issue driving contraction in our third center, Larch is extremely important. The contracted third chakra that is mirrored by the negative Larch state is one that is a result of life and/or relationship difficulties.

Similar to Pine and Crab Apple, negative Larch is possibly the result of the individual having to endure years of harsh criticism, belittlement, or lack of encouragement and support. Thus there is little desire to extend to the outside world, as the internal belief is that failure is a probable outcome, no matter what is attempted. In the extreme of lacking self-confidence, such an individual will not even try because they know they will fail.

Larch as a remedy in one's formula works to bolster self-confidence by shifting the perception into one that aids us in the understanding that each of us is blessed with divine gifts that are unique and meant to be contributed to benefit those around us. However, while self-confidence is the core issue in third center contraction, we also need remedies that will assist in shifting the negative behavior through which we express this shame. We can consider Pine and Crab Apple in connection with the shame aspect found in this center. Additionally, practitioners traditionally use Walnut to help protect and seal the solar plexus from unwanted energy assimilation and drain.

Negative emotions have an effect on our perceptions. When we experience negative emotions, this experience fuels contraction in our chakras. At the same time, our perceptions of our environment become skewed and highly inaccurate. The action of the remedies assists in shifting our perceptions from unreality to the reality around us. With therapeutic assistance and the assistance of the remedies, perceptions become more balanced, moving into reality. Through this process, those who have had to struggle are now able to step back and view their experience through a clearer and more realistic lens. Simultaneously the third chakra begins to expand, self-esteem builds, and awareness of soul-path becomes their reality and their joy at being engaged in the world.

In order to discover our soul's fire, we first need to "chop wood, carry water." In other words, we need to work at the mundane everyday chores that keep us going and do not appear glamorous. This means showing up, paying attention to what is going on within us at ground level, and excavating toxic emotions. These are necessary keys to the experience of joy.

EDITORS' NOTE: In case you wanted to read still more about this strong essence, see the Barbara Mazzarella's article on Larch and children here.

click to read or post to our message board about vibrational/flower essencesABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gaye Mack, MA throughout her life has had an interest in esoteric philosophies, spirituality in medicine, and healing. She was among the early group of practitioners in the United States to earn a place on the Dr. Edward Bach International Register of Practitioners. Gaye's MA degree in Integrated Professional Studies from DePaul University focused on holistic medicine with particular application of the Bach remedies as an intergrative therapy for eating disorders and other emotional illnesses. Visit her web page or contact her by email.

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