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Clean, Disinfect &
Beautify Your Home
...With Essences!
By Deborah Bier, M.Ed.

Would you like to try Downy fabric softener with essences for your laundry? Essence-laced Mop 'n' Glow on your floors? Scope mouthwash, with essences? Essence Intensive Care lotion? Palmolive dish soap with essences? How about essences in your shampoo or conditioner (no, I don't mean that Herbal Essences stuff!).

You can use beauty, cleaning and other household products with essences in them daily. But you don't find these products ready-to-use at the store -- you add the essences to your favorite household brands yourself. There are a few body-care products around which already contain essences -- mostly cremes and lotions. But you need not feel limited by this lack of imagination on the part of the world's manufacturers; there are many more choices available when you mix your own.

Using essences in this way exposes your home and family life to the healing and balancing energy of vibrational and flower essences every single day. A little-known method of applying vibrational/flower essences, it is a highly versatile and easy-to-deliver way to weave essences into the fabric of daily life. Applied domestically, essences can contribute to relaxation, revitalization and harmony in the home.

How to Mix and Use

There is a two-part application to the essence energy that happens when added to your household products: one is immediate, the other residual. Imagine helping to turn the drudgery of dishwashing into a dreamy moment of meditative calm by constantly touching and inhaling a bit of essence that's in your dishwater -- that's an example of an immediate application.

A residual application occurs when you use an essence in a product you don't completely wash away. For example, an essence in a floor cleaning product gives you both an immediate exposure to the essence and an added residual effect from the part of the cleaner which is left behind as the floor dries.

I recommend adding essences to any liquid household product at the rate of approximately 5-10 drops per use, depending upon how much of the product you need in each application. I add the essence right to the bottle, then shake or stir. In doing so, I am actually making a very large dosage bottle. If your memory is anything like mine, be sure to remember to write on the label what you have added. One more step, and it's ready to use.

Add a Few Drops of Intention and Affirmation, Too!

I think it's important to add some clear intentions when using essences to which others will be exposed. Normally, it's good ethical form to ask another's permission before they are given an essence. But after I wash my kitchen floor with a product that contains an essence, I don't inform everyone who comes into my house and ask their permission to expose them to its residual energy. Instead, I use the power of intention when I add the essence to floor product. I am clear that the essence is only for the highest good of all concerned and ask that its energy never violate anyone's will.

Clean and Beautify -- Inside and Out

I like to focus the essences I use on broad, general themes when adding them to household products, rather than try to get very specific to any one particular problem or situation. Here are my general themes with a few essence suggestions for each; I usually use just one per product. (B = Bach * F = FES * H = Healing Herbs * W = Whole Energy Essences)

General harmony and balance: Any generalist remedy like Master Harmonizing Mixture (W), Five Flower (H) or Rescue Remedy (B)

Relaxation and/or energy: Any generalist as above, plus Restedness, Johnny Jump-Up, Fireweed (all W), Dill, Blackberry (both F)

Cleanliness and clarity: Larimar, Tourmaline, Petunia, Helleborine, Aries Full Moon, Leo Full Moon (W), Crab Apple (H, B)

Safety and warm, healthy connections in the home and family: Trillium, Russet Chrysanthemum Bud, Daisy, Libra Full Moon, Capricorn Full Moon (all W), Calendula (W and F) Angelica, Baby Blue Eyes (both F), Rock Water (H, B)

Self-esteem, creativity: New Creative Outlook, Lavender Chrysanthemum, Day Lily, Self-Heal, Pisces Full Moon (all W), Aloe (F)

Each time I use the product to which these mixtures have been aded, I both renew this intention and connect consciously to the reason I have selected that particular essence. I may also say an affirmation appropriate to the essence choice as I clean, beautify, or disinfect, much as I would when taking an essence by mouth. Doing so brings a moment of meditation and clarity to my daily chores, and helps empower the action of the essence. And it's darned enjoyable, too, though they will probably never make me actually LIKE housework.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Deborah Bier, M.Ed., is the maker of Whole Energy Essences and co-editor of Vibration Magazine. For more of her articles in Vibration Magazine, see here.

Art Credits: Clip art from Art Today.

The World Wide Essence Society does not mean to imply any recommendation of nor give certification to any individuals or companies above. This article is provided purely for informational purposes. We ask consumers to make their own determination as to quality of the services and products offered above. This article is not meant to be advice, and the information is not meant to replace medical or psychological treatment.
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