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Combining Herbs and Essences: Why Energy Medicine is So Important
©2002 Deborah Bier, M.Ed., make of the Whole Energy Essences and co-Editor of Vibration

dandelionsVibrational and flower essences... acupuncture... homeopathy... hands-on healing: these are just a few of the energy-based healing modalities which have gained popularity in many parts of the world. I know I am not alone in thinking it's about time! But what is it about vibrational healing that so meets our needs right now? There are probably many reasons, some downright basic and others more esoteric.

The foundation of good health is good nutrition, both of physical and non-physical nutrients. The food we eat, the air we breath, the light we are exposed to, the emotional and spiritual environment we live in nourishe -- or fail to nourish -- our health and wellbeing.

But don't think of nutrients in only a chemical sense, such as vitamins, minerals and so on. We also are nourished by the life force (also called vital energy, chi, or prana) of the plants and animals we ingest. If they are vibrantly healthy, arrive fresh, and are prepared in a way which preserves their energy, we are nourished by their life force as well as their chemistry -- just as Nature intended. Vibrational and flower essences can impart some of this vital energy where it is lacking.

De-Energized Foods and Herbs
rose hipsMany of us use food and herbal supplements for both general nourishment and/or to address specific health conditions. However, many of these are depleted of life-force energy and cannot offer us the type of nourishment we need for health. Essences can help replace or augment what has been lost.

Think about it: how far away was your fresh food raised? How were your herbs grown and harvested? How long did they take to get to you once harvested? How processed were they before you bought them? All of these factors affect the quality of both the physical and energetic nutrients present in our food and herbal preparations.

Many of us have noticed over the past 10 years or so how the quality of many commonly-available herbs has been dropping -- both energetically and physically. Herb producers are pressed by consumers who are not experienced enough to understand how to judge herb quality and who are demanding more and cheaper products. As a result, many of these producers are offering less potent, over-farmed, poorly-raised, over-processed, hoary-with-age products (see our article about energetic effects of over-farming here). On a chemical level, they work poorly, often containing fewer phytonutrients than more gently handled herbal products. This means, too, that our energetic health is also not being boosted by these supplements.

It is therefore no accident that vibrational essences and other energy-based healing systems have become increasingly more popular and widely used. It's also not surprising that many of us find these modalities are successful in addressing problems which other methods have not.

hops (do bunnies like them?)Vibrational Essences Offer Additional Understanding
The way that the field of vibrational essences can help is two-fold. The first is through a deeper understanding of the problem, and the second is to offer some possible solutions.
Essence makers know that the way plants and animals are handled while preparing essences enormously affects the quality of the energy which goes into the remedies. So, too, does the way they were raised and treated throughout their raising and harvest. The love and attention they are given are reflected in the essences' health-enhancing abilities. Farm-factory raised food and herbs do not receive this type of care; the resulting products therefore may not contain the proper health-giving energies.

Essence makers and practitioners often place a higher value on essences bottled by hand versus by machine. We draw a parallel between hand-bottling and growing food and herbs by hand with human care and attention. But for most of us, gone are the days of locally-raised, minimally-processed food and herbs filled with vibrant energy and freshness. This represents the loss of an important source of health-giving energies.

Adding Essences May Help
tropical ginger in bloomBesides using the very best quality herbal preparations you can afford (hint: you often get what you pay for with herbs), and taking other whole-food-based supplements, there are several ways essences can be used to address this lack. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Add an essence to your herbal supplements. Since herbs and essences are both a part of my private practice, I almost never think about an herb without a complementary essence. The energy from a well-made essence can help awaken or supplement the lost energies in the herb. If you can find an essence which is made from the same or similar species as the herb you are taking, this is a first choice. A second choice would be to pick an essence which matches or complements the herb's action, either literally or metaphorically. For example, the herb ginger has physically warming qualities. Add an essence which supports emotional warmth.

    Take the chosen essence(s) at least as often as you take the herb. If the herb is in liquid form, you can add the essence right to the bottle.

  • Add a Toner Essence. A different -- or additional -- choice would be to add a toner essence. A toner acts to amplify the effectiveness of other essences -- the same concept is used in herbalism, by the way, where an herb may be added to a blend to activate or potentiate the others present. See our archived article on toner essences.

    red clover

  • Use a Healing Affirmation. Essence practitioners will often recommend the use of a healing affirmation when an essence is taken, one which is directed to the client's needs. Here, the suggestion is a bit different -- the affirmation is to be directed to the HERB's needs. One suggestion is to spend a moment before taking the herb visualizing and intending that its energies are whole, full and healed. Accompany that with this affirmation: "This herb(s)'s energy is whole, balanced, vibrant and healthy."

  • Get to Know the Plant. We need to squeeze all the good we can out of the herbs we take. Increasing our affinity for plants in general (and that herb in specific) is another way we can better absorb them energetically. A good essence maker will study the plant before, during and after making the essence so that as many aspects as possible of that plant can be included in the essence. When using an herb, first study the plant in person or in a photo. Learn about how it is grown, harvested, used. Find out about its folklore and history. The web is such a great source for this info -- I like to search on Google for this kind of thing. When it comes to particular essences, you might also try our onsite-search engine to discover what information our archives contain. Take an essence which supports love of plants or communication with plant spirits, such as Green Bells of Ireland. Imagine you are talking with the plant -- what wisdom would it share with you?. Many makers and users of essences get a boost from attuning to the plant spirits, also known as devas for the particular preparation they are using.

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  • The Role of Sunlight. Another way that plants and animals have become depleted energetically is that the balance of the spectrum of light from our sun has become distorted due to pollution, ozone depletion, presence of artificial light sources, etc. Outdoor light is not the light under which earth organisms evolved. The plants and animals we eat are affected by this distortion in sunlight and therefore have a lower level of energetic health which they then transmit to those who ingest them. Using a spectrally balanced, light-based essence may help address this. One vibrational support for this is Full Spectrum Light Essence by Whole Energy Essences.

  • Practice Gratitude and Love. The plants we take as food or medicine are sharing their physical bodies, life-force, and wisdom with us. They may have given their lives or their offspring's lives in the process. Essence makers know this and spend time appreciating and loving the plant for its willing sacrifice. So, too, do wise herbalists -- and herb-users. Spend a moment each time you use an herb or plant-based essence reflecting upon the gift the plant has given you. And like any gift which is truly appreciated, you may find yourself using it with enhanced pleasure and wisdom.

    ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Deborah Bier, M.Ed., is the maker of Whole Energy Essences and co-editor of Vibration Magazine. For more of her articles in Vibration Magazine, see here.

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