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Onion flower essence, abuse and PMS

©2002 by Kathleen Otley

As a long-term sufferer of a bad case of PMS, I began taking Onion essence (offered by FES, Deva, Petit Fleur, Pegasus and others) after reading in Gurudas' Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing that a few sufferers of PMS could be helped by it. When I took it, I did cry, which is part of the signature of the onion plant, but I also started letting go of excess fluids and was no longer bloated, nor did I gain any weight during periods. After a couple of months, the previously severe cramps lasted only an hour or two and could be handled with little or no medication. I began to experiment with friends and co-workers and, before long, half of my office was using onion for PMS.

I was myself in recovery from childhood abuse and Adult Child of Alcoholic (ACA) issue, as were many of the women I suggested Onion to. It seemed to work well on those individuals who were recovering from dysfunctional backgrounds, less so on "normal" folks. I noticed that many women active in the recovery movement have PMS or other menstrual problems. And women from dysfunctional background do seem to suffer from PMS more than most people, though this is just an empirical observation on my part.

I am a firm believer in the homeopathic Doctrine of Signatures, which says that the physical form of medicinal plants corresponds in some way to the body part or condition they affect. The layers inside an onion remind me of the layers of pain and depression people carry as a result of childhood abuse or from living in an alcoholic household. Recovering folks tend to deal with their problems through peeling away one layer of imbalance at a time.

In particular, this peeling away of layers reflects the process which a survivor of abuse has to go through in order to be at peace with herself. I would suggest Onion essence in nearly any PMS case where there is a history of abuse, whether as a child or as a wife/lover. I believe that menstruation is, very literally, a magical time; if the PMS sufferer has lost her emotional center because of repeated abuse and devaluation, she will throw off her Goddess energies in every direction in a hysterical fashion. It shouldn't surprise anyone that the word "hysteria" comes from the Latin word for uterus. A woman under oppression will be unable to process her "wild talents" at this time of month in a healthy manner, and thus can have premenstrual symptoms.

Here are some observations which I made using Onion in PMS cases:

1) There is no gross physical abnormality causing the symptoms. Onion won't help a woman having trouble tolerating an intrauterine device, for example. It also doesn't seem to do much as a regulator of irregular periods.

2) I would not suggest Onion where the MAIN problem is a rejection of femaleness (Pomegranate would be my preference there) or a feeling of uncleanness (Crab Apple).

3) It has proved to be an important essence in nearly any PMS case where there has been a history of domestic violence, childhood abuse, or even strong codependency.

4) The woman has a feeling of hopelessness, lack of control, and being "stuck" despite all attempts to make progress. I would suggest Onion ONLY when these symptoms are prevalent in the last few days before the menstrual period but not during the rest of the month. If they are a constant feature of the personality, use specific essences for these problems instead.

5) Other clues that this may be an Onion type are mood swings toward frustration and depression at PMS time and a characteristic "pear-shaped," rounded body configuration.

I recommend taking Onion beginning on about Day 20 of each menstrual cycle, continuing through the end of the menstrual period or to the point in the cycle where the symptoms normally lessen. Onion is one of the few essences for which I expect a "healing crisis" in some users. While it does not exacerbate the physical problems of PMS, it does provoke anger or tears in some. Yet, this is a different sort of emotion than is usual in PMS. It is "productive" in the sense that it promotes emotional healing. Often we become depressed over and over again about the same few issues at PMS time. Onion enables one to "get it all cried out" and move onward. Where childhood issues are at the root of the problem, FES's Golden Eardrops combines well with it.

I am always amazed by the long-term effects of Onion. Women suddenly decide to change their life-styles. For example: the co-workers I suggested onion to all left the company for better jobs, so I wasn't able to contact them for a follow-up report! Others who take Onion reject abusive relationships. They begin or renew their recovery programs. Occasionally, they LEAVE their recovery programs if they have become "stuck" and frustrated there, going on to the next spiritual plateau. At the very least, Onion helps relieve the PMS symptoms, and enables the user to find her emotional center again.

onion plants in full bloom

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kathleen Otley is a long-time essence user whose observations are invaluable for their clarity. This article was originally published a decade ago in Shooting Star, a long-defunct hard-copy essence journal, but seems as relevant today. The article is reprinted with the permission of the author and of Shooting Star's editor, the latter being -- providentially -- also co-editor of Vibration. For finding the long-lost Kathleen, All Hail to Google, Lord of the Web.

ART CREDITS: Background created by Deborah Bier from clip art by Art Today.

The World Wide Essence Society does not mean to imply any recommendation of nor give certification to any individuals or companies above. This article is provided purely for informational purposes. We ask consumers to make their own determination as to quality of the services and products offered above. This article is not meant to be advice, and the information is not meant to replace medical or psychological treatment.
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