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flower essences and pregnancy by Marlene Keel

N.B. Please exercise wisdom and caution -- engage in safe medical practice at all times. Flower essences in all stages of pregnancy including birthing should not replace appropriate medical attention!

Pregnancy is an incredible time in a woman's life. One experiences the exhilaration and awe of carrying a child, while also undergoing dramatic physical and emotional changes. Many women have a mixed bag of sensations, including joy, uncertainty, astonishment, anxiety, and confusion. Flower essences can help the mother-to-be on all levels. Many of the essences listed have qualities other than the ones stated, but on the purely physical symptomatic level, several flower essences can be of assistance:

Zucchini (Deva) helps expecting mothers to eliminate physical tensions. (It also balances out their emotions and helps create a harmonious pregnancy)
Dandelion (FES, Deva) can also help release tension from the musculature system
Chamomile (FES, Deva) helps soothes upset stomachs (morning sickness)
With regards to the actual birth process itself, Rescue Remedy (Bach) relieves stress and tension and thus can help alleviate physical pain and tension.

Other essences that can be of emotional assistance during pregnancy are:

Watermelon (Deva) helps develop a harmonious and correct attitude to parenthood during, before and after conception in couples wishing to have a child. Watermelon is also valuable in reducing emotional stress during pregnancy
Zucchini (Deva) also promotes a harmonious pregnancy
Fig (South African) is beneficial to use in preparation for conception and pregnancy,
Pomegranate(South African) is for use in pregnancy (or anything relating to the feminine, procreative forces)
Keurtjie (Sth Af) facilitates confidence in one's nurturing abilities and trust in one's intuitive guidance, developing the nurturing abilities needed by parents,

Some essences can help us deal with the reality of transitions like birth. Hairy Butterwort (Alaskan) helps one consciously access the support and guidance we need in order to move through transition. Others offer support during the delivery process (keeping in mind the need for adequate medical care). Cauliflower (Sth Af) is of assistance at any age in accessing and releasing pain sustained as a result of the trauma of entering the physical world. It is also recommended for the final stages of pregnancy, for the birth itself and for infants.

Others still can assist with post birth issues:

Cauliflower (Sth Af) is for shock sustained during or after the birth process
Watermelon (Deva) is for helping release breast milk
Northern Lady's Slipper (Alaskan) helps with traumatic birth experience
Rescue Remedy (Bach) is for shock
Keurtjie (South African) is a parenting essence, enhancing the ability to nurture while providing the feeling of being nurtured. Also useful for post-natal depression and for fathers.

On the emotional/spiritual level, several essences promote bonding between the mother and child, both before and after birth. They include Forget-Me-Not (Deva), Pineapple Weed (Alaskan), and Grove Sandwort (Alaskan).

It might also be of interest to mention here that many essences can be taken by the mother-to-be during pregnancy to assist with any issues which might surface due to pending parenthood. For example, issues relating to one's own relationship with one's parents may arise. Essences which can benefit you with your "female and/or parent issues" are Mariposa Lily (Deva), Pomegranate (Deva), Fushia (Deva) and Evening Primrose (South African).

Issues pertaining to creativity, personal empowerment and career may also confront you. Flower essences can help ease the stress such feelings may bring as well as help one heal such issues. Remember however, that your emotional life is also being experienced by your baby. So maybe it is wise to proceed gently with the big issues whilst pregnant. Take up the deep healing after the birth when you can seek some physical space from your baby to analyse and work through very deep patterns and emotional issues.

Then there are essences for the newborn. Green Bells of Ireland and Shooting Star (Alaskan) help newborn babies greet the earth, Yarrow (Alaskan) helps protect and support the baby, Grove Sandwort (Alaskan) helps newborn babies connect with the earth, and Chamomile (FES, Deva) is calming, especially for stomach disorders.

So as one can see, flower essences are able to assist with all stages of parenthood and can benefit child, mother and father. Whether it's a child who could be helped with essences, or an inner child that's in need of some healing, the many essences available are there to support, nurture and heal our lives and those of our children.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: The International Flower Essence Centre was founded in 1995 by author Marlene Keel, a flower essence therapist who has also studied various aspects of health such as Touch for Health. The Centre is a mail order company based in Melbourne, Australia. It distributes various flower essence ranges from around the world including Universal Energies Rose essences, Findhorn, and Bach. It is hoped that through the I.F.E.C website and newsletter, people can learn more about these exquisite natural remedies and hopefully find, in the various ranges available, essences that may be of assistance to themselves, their family and friends, and their animals. Please see their Reference List here.

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