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See Through Lace: Queen Anne's Lace!

©2002 by Joyce Mason

The border around this page is made from a photo of queen anne's lace. Like the white lace it resembles, Queen Anne's Lace (QAL) is an intricate remedy that can heal a complex of issues behind its gauzy veil. In this short introduction, I would like to address three of them:

1. Grounded opening of sensitivities
2. Improved vision -- physical, psychological, or psychic
3. Sexual integration, clarity, and boundaries

But first, a little grounding! Queen Anne's Lace is wild carrot (Daucus carota). Our moms nagged us to eat our carrots to improve our vision. Clear-seeing is the most important aspect of QAL -- its integrating concept. In order to see clearly in all senses -- physical, psychological, and psychic -- we need both feet on the ground so that we can focus.

GROUNDED OPENINGS: You may call it psychic skill or just emotional sensitivity that includes the ability to read others. Either way, it is critical to become grounded in our bodies before opening up. Otherwise, it is like leaving the front door open and inviting in bad weather, salesmen, and burglars. When we remain fully in our vehicle while opening the sun roof of sensitivity, we are alert to scammers, bad deals, and when the wind is shifting.

While other essences such as Yarrow (shown here at left) are excellent in strengthening our own energy fields to buffer us from energy siphoning or environmental assaults, QAL does something more. It helps us to integrate spiritual expansion by making sure we don't forget to get physical. We live in our physical bodies, and we must bring spirit down to earth through our whole selves -- physical, mental, and emotional. QAL can keep us in our bodies and, more importantly, believing them as a source of trustworthy information. We want to be able to rely on gut feelings, "just knowing", and other sensations that cannot guide us unless our bodies are a part of the intuitive equation.

CLEAR VISION: Clairvoyance, after all, means "clear vision". There have been recorded instances where QAL cleared up visual problems, particularly those with a psychosomatic component. More often, however, the essence is indicated when an individual is opening spiritually or psychically. When we open Pandora's box of our own psyches -- much less the collective psyche we are beginning to tap into -- we are bound to wade through some serious debris. In the murky waters of human emotion, we find those who will manipulate us for their own needs or drain us with their dramas. QAL helps us see with clarity through the muck of human feelings and psychic cording, especially in sexual entanglements.

INTEGRATING SEXUALITY: Opening up our sensitivities also blasts open our libidos (some people actually experience increased sexual arousal, at least temporarily, on this essence). Since sexual energy is also our life force and the vehicle of creativity (the dual meaning of passion), this is a good thing but, again, only with proper grounding and vision.

Sexuality is an easy medium for manipulation. Perhaps you have experienced someone who could turn you on from across a crowded room, city, or country! This "cording" (think of it as an invisible garden hose between your second chakras) is powerful. In order to maintain your Self and to participate in all relationships 100 percent willingly, QAL helps you really see what's going on when you have been blinded by hormones. Our Queen likes to do it with her eyes wide open!

In summary, we are not talking about the Queen of Denial. This no-nonsense lady can be the best friend you'll ever have in times of personal expansion. So, drink your carrots! You might like what you see even better with the veils lifted.

A WEE BIT OF BOTANY: The Doctrine of Signatures is part of Vibration's theme for this issue. One interesting facet of this concept is that plants belonging to the same botanical family share not only a family resemblance in their appearance, they also have similarities in what their functions and uses are. In an earlier issue of Vibration, Joyce wrote an excellent article about Queen Anne's chartreuse cousin, Dill, an essence that is helpful in sensory overwhelm.

Dill (pictured here) and Queen Anne's Lace are among the members of the family of plants known as umbellifera, meaning that they are all umbrella-shaped. On the essence level, this family of plants shields us from bombardment by our psychic and social environment in the same ways that umbrellas shield us from our physical environment.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: JOYCE MASON, a frequent contributor to Vibration Magazine, is an "astrologer-plus" and an FES-certified flower essence practitioner near Sacramento, California. For more about her and of her delightful -- and insightful -- articles, visit her Frequent Contributor's Page.

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