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Editors' Note: The following is a brief excerpt from Kyra Mesich's free e-book, which is available on her website. Dr. Mesich stresses that a holistic approach is needed to this complex and difficult addiction. Flower remedies are only one of the components of the program she suggests, but we wanted to support her gift to all who suffer from this addiction by reprinting this portion of her book here. If it strikes a note with you, visit her site for the rest of the book.

Some of the emotional connections to smoking are obvious. Most smokers go through many more cigarettes during times when they are stressed or unhappy. Painful emotional situations such as a divorce or job stress can be enough to cause someone who has quit to start smoking again. People use cigarettes to help them cope with difficult emotions and avoid dealing with harsh situations. From an alternative health point of view, the stimulant effect of nicotine also plays a role here. The movement of chi makes smokers feel like they are coping and dealing with stressful emotional situations, even though they may not be taking any positive steps to resolve their problems. Don't underestimate the strength of this emotional addiction to smoking.

Many people are quite addicted to using cigarettes in an emotion-numbing way. Flower essences help you deal with stress and emotions in a healthier, more productive way, reducing your need for emotional cigarette smoking. Flower essences are similar to homeopathic remedies, but they are generally taken for emotional issues rather than physical conditions. You can take the remedies more frequently than usually recommended whenever you feel yourself craving a cigarette. There are two flower essences in particular that specifically relate to smoking cessation and relief of cravings: Nicotiana and Yarrow flower essences (available from FES and other brands).

Nicotiana is made from the flowers of a type of flowering tobacco plant, shown here at right. It is extremely helpful to take when you want to quit smoking. It helps alleviate the emotional cigarette cravings. It provides support to help you quit with less psychological withdrawal symptoms (such as irritability). Even if you don't think you smoke for emotional reasons, Nicotiana essence can still be very helpful to reduce withdrawal symptoms and ease cravings. Use Yarrow if you feel like you will crave cigarettes to help you deal with stressful emotions. Yarrow helps you feel more confident and protected to deal with stressful situations directly, without being overwhelmed by them.

There is overlap between emotional and social aspects of smoking, but it is worthwhile to separate out your social reasons for smoking. Many people who smoke, smoke only in social situations. When they are alone, they have no cravings. But when they are at a party, in a bar, or even on break at work, they smoke. Just as nicotine is used by people to numb emotions and deal with stress, it is used in a similar way by people who are uncomfortable in social situations.

Do you smoke because you don't want to have to talk to people? Are you shy and smoke to escape from the noise and crowds of people? If so, you have options other than smoking. Yarrow flower essence is very useful for this purpose. FES makes an essence from Golden Yarrow which relates very specifically to nervousness and shyness around others. Take it before you go out or keep it with you to take a couple of drops during a long party or in the middle of your workday. It will help you feel more protected and confident to talk and interact with people, eliminating your need to smoke in interpersonal situations.

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With an alternative health, holistic approach that combines a variety of modalities, you can quit smoking successfully, permanently, with greater ease than you ever thought. It supports your efforts when you recognize the importance of the flow of energy/chi within your system, and are aware of the emotional and social reasons you smoke. Herbs, flower essences and healthy activities such as yoga or tai chi will help you move smoothly away from smoking and into the healthy, balanced lifestyle you are seeking. For more information on the alternative way to stop smoking, visit my website and download my free e-book on the subject.

EDITORS' NOTE: Kyra Mesich has contributed two previous articles to Vibration, Empathy, Emotional Sensitivity and the Flower Essences, from her book, The Sensitive Person's Survival Guide, and Flower Essences to Aid Meditation Practice from her book Modern Meditation: Going Within. Both are available from her website.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kyra Mesich, PsyD, has a doctoral degree in clinical psychology. Dr. Mesich has employed alternative healing techniques since early in her career. The first non-traditional healing modality in which she was trained was hypnosis. While using hypnosis with psychotherapy clients, Dr. Mesich observed that the clients treated with hypnosis were able to access deeper emotions, achieve emotional breakthroughs more quickly and easily, and heal much more effectively overall than the clients treated with conventional talking therapy alone.

This was the beginning of her career shift to alternative, natural healing. In the years since, Dr. Mesich has studied extensively in the field of alternative health, blending herbalism, flower essence therapy and energy healing into her current practice. She works and resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Visit her website at www.KyraMesich.com.

ART CREDITS: Your editors recently discovered a delightful site, Cigar Label Junkie, which has an amazing and entertaining collection of antique cigar labels. Well worth a visit! The owner kindly gave us permission to use the one this border is based on, but asks that there be no further reproduction without permission. Other art from Art Today.

The World Wide Essence Society does not mean to imply any recommendation of nor give certification to any individuals or companies above. This article is provided purely for informational purposes. We ask consumers to make their own determination as to quality of the services and products offered above. This article is not meant to be advice, and the information is not meant to replace medical or psychological treatment.
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