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Essences and Physical Health: Table of Contents

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Physical Healing from Essences? Why We're Not Even Gonna Go There!
by Donna Cunningham, MSW
Why Vibration doesn't make healing claims for vibrational remedies

Combining Herbs and Essences: Why Energy Medicine is So Important
by Deborah Bier, M.Ed.
Combining an essence with herbs can help you get the best out of both

Clean, Disinfect and Beautify Your Home--With Essences!
by Deborah Bier, M.Ed.
Mixing essences with cleaning supplies can bring a deeper-level clearing

See-Through Lace: Queen Anne's Lace!
by Joyce Mason
The essence based on wild carrot improves vision on many levels

Onion Essence and PMS
by Kathleen Otley
An essence user reports on Onion's striking effects on herself and friends

Flower Essences and Pregnancy
by Marlene Keel
An Australian practitioner suggests a variety of essences to help pregnant moms feel their best

Trying to Quit Smoking? Flower Remedies Can Lend Emotional Support
by Kyra Mesich, Psy.D.
While no magic bullet for this addiction, essences can relieve the stress of stopping

Pansy's Essences for Health and Fitness
by Pansy Rose Pepperplant
The bane of our existence is back -- with her new line of Gym Elixers

More Essences Made from Herbs? We've Got 'em!
Essence portraits from our archives -- with their herbal uses added in

Articles For Students and Professionals:

Is There a Doctrine in the House? An Old Way to Understand Today's Essences
A panel of authors sheds light on the Doctrine of Signatures

Essences Following the Diagnosis of Cancer
by Deborah Bier, M.Ed
Essences can be a Godsend when the "c-word" has been diagnosed

Rock Rose Massage
by Daniel LoRito, M.D.
Integrating body and spirit following hardship

How Many Essences Are Too Many, continued
Vibration's Forum dialogues on how many essences make a good blend

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Vibration's Special Issue on Essences and Other Healing Modalities

Our Virtual Booklet on Essences, Body Work, and Physical Difficulties

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