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Note: The following is an excerpt from Igniting Soul Fire: Spiritual Dimensions of the Bach Flower Remedies, published by Polair Publishing, 2004.

It is vital for each of us that we comprehend we are spirit in body; that we are compelled to walk our path in the temporal range in order to manifest our soul's fire and vision. On this journey, our ego can become demanding and hold unrealistic expectations. As a result, when our expectations do not manifest, contracted (negative) feelings of anger, greed, bitterness, resentment, fear, and a host of other toxic emotions appear which keep us from soul growth.

We can think of the soul-hindrances identified by Dr. Edward Bach as contracted soul-states and conversely the virtues as expanded (positive) soul-states. By facilitating a release of the ego's unrealistic expectations, Bach's remedies move us forward toward the growth the universe intends for each of us. In Bach's mind, our soul-type is our core foundation, and when we incarnate in this lifetime, our soul-type is in some degree of "contraction" or weakness with a mandate to work toward "expansion" or strength through its soul-type lesson.

For instance, for most of us, the experience of self-doubt and its companion, the feeling of failure, are natural emotions that are part and parcel of the human incarnation. For Gentian soul-types, however, self-doubt is its destructive weakness. In the contracted soul-state, these individuals begin with a positive passion for their direction in life and the tasks that are required to reach their goals.

However, when difficulty emerges at the first bend in the road, when an obstacle, no matter how minor, appears, discouragement and self-doubt readily take hold. At this juncture, Gentian soul-types who have not progressed in mastering the expanded emotional state of this remedy become discouraged, ready to throw in the towel, and give up. Bach's challenge directed at the Gentian soul-type was in understanding that there is no failure when you are doing your utmost, whatever the apparent result.

The challenge, then, for Gentian souls is to embrace the virtue of understanding. In order to connect to its soul's fire and mystical path, the Gentian soul needs to understand that steady perseverance is essential to overcoming self-doubt. While faith in the self is key for each of the soul-types, it is particularly important for these individuals. For them, a vital key is to remember that cosmic law dictates trusting the perfect timing of the universe; that the universe provides them with whatever they need for their expansion and growth. For the soul-type who finds change and challenge difficult, Gentian helps them understand the value of, and engage in, perseverance in the face of difficulty.

Another group visited by self-doubt is the Cerato soul-type. Listening to the wisdom and truth of its own heart and being able to speak it is the challenge for a Cerato soul. The irony of this soul-type is that it is deeply intuitive, but due to the weakness of its contracted state it dwells in ignorance or foolishness, unable to recognize that its strength is in it own wisdom. Having no faith in its own judgement, the Cerato soul-type perceives its intuitive soul-voice as something that is suspect. Chronically seeking directions from others, they have great difficulty in accessing their Higher Self and its wisdom and thus have great trouble in finding their intended soul-path.

There is another aspect to Cerato souls. They always want to do the right thing. In this desire, they feed on the mistaken notion that the more information they have, the better off they are in their quest. Unfortunately, this chronic gathering of information from others does nothing but result in stagnation. Because the contracted Cerato soul is unable to hear, much less listen to its intuitive wisdom in all of its gathering, it is never able to act on anything with conviction. It vacillates, making foolish decisions and taking foolish actions that do nothing but further detain it in its progress.

It may be that it is the unrealized Cerato types who, in their desperation to learn and do the right thing, lead the pack of "sacred shoppers" who fear the spiritual train will leave without them. In working with the Cerato remedy, Bach maintained that this soul-type could be freed from outside influences, enabling them to use the great gift of wisdom that they possess for the good of mankind.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gaye Mack, MA, throughout her life has had an interest in esoteric philosophies, spirituality in medicine, and healing. She was among the early group of practitioners in the United States to earn a place on the Dr. Edward Bach International Register of Practitioners. Gaye's MA degree in Integrated Professional Studies from DePaul University focused on holistic medicine with particular application of the Bach remedies as an intergrative therapy for eating disorders and other emotional illnesses. Visit her web page or contact her by email.

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