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©2005 by Donna Cunningham, MSW
Attention, Essence Newbies: Please take note that vibrational and flower essences are NOT the same as essential oils or aromatherapy. Essences are NOT scented or flavored -- they are energetic in nature. Please read our FAQ for more of the basics on essences.

The editors of Vibration are very excited about this special issue, because we INTEND to expand on Dr. Dyer's newest understandings about the power of intention and Dr. Emoto's continually developing research into the power of water. We and our contributors will be considering how to apply these concepts to essence work so that we carry vibrational healing to an even more potent level. What field is more perfect for the marriage of these two streams of research? After all, besides the primary component (flower, gem, or whatever) the two main ingredients of vibrational remedies are water and thought!

Intention is not exactly a new idea to makers and practitioners of flower essences, as we will learn in several of the articles featured here. Dr. Deborah Bier writes about intention as the key to essence making, and Cynthia Athina Kemp Scherer explains how being clear about your intention can help refine your choices of essences for healing work.

Affirmations and positive thoughts are not new concepts either. Patricia Kaminski's article shows us how to find affirmations that focus your healing intentions and to use them with your essence mixtures. Katharina Bles writes about how casting the descriptions of essences in positive terms can help the user accept and even embrace the essences as a healing tool. The result is far different from what you get by centering your attention on the person's problems and flaws. Just being aware of and using these already-existing techniques in a focused and consistent way would already empower your essence work. (The roundup of past articles will lead you to other ways our authors have already explored and applied these ideas.)

However, working with the ideas in Dr. Dyer's book can help you tap into intention as the already-existing energy FIELD that is the source of all life, rather than as something to do through white-knuckle determination. And I believe that more deliberately using the consciousness inherent in water itself that Dr. Emoto's work demonstrates, can carry us even further -- and yet more kindly -- to healing and uplifting ourselves, our clients, and even the planet itself. He finds that water is receptive to our words and thoughts and that it responds to the intention of the person who handles it. What if we used water's consciousness in a focused way -- with INTENTION -- in working with vibrational remedies? In creating them to begin with? In selecting and mixing them for loved ones, clients, or ourselves? And in taking them for our own healing and processing the results? How powerful would that be? What new level could the field of essences ascend to? You might just be getting ready to find out.

The other articles in this issue will explore some of the possibilities, but here I want to share some of my own ideas about possible ways to combine and apply these ideas. I recalled in the wee hours of this morning how I used to solarize water for essence mixtures. Solarized water is spring water that has been potentized by sitting in a glass on the windowsill for a day or so, absorbing the sun's rays.

I gave it another spin by using glasses of various colors, for at that point I was studying color healing through light. For mixing essences to do with fear, I used water that had been solarized in a cobalt blue glass. Deep blue like that helps to ease fear by increasing wisdom and understanding. For mixing essences to do with creativity, I solarized the water in an emerald green glass, since green helped with both creativity and abundance. And so on -- you can read more about the power of color and light here. My clients would not only take the essence mixture made with the solarized water, I would also use the same color in guided meditations that we taped and that they played between sessions. The results were pretty amazing, she says modestly.

What if we went a few steps beyond that? What if the glass used to solarize the water had positive words related to your healing intent taped facing into the water the way Dr. Emoto suggests? Instead of "fear," for instance, you would write "courage." Instead of "lack," you would write "abundance." (Again, I would use glass in the color relevant to your purpose.) The solarized water would contain your intention. This could have implications for every stage of essence work, from making the essence, to mixing essences for yourself or others, to the way the user takes the essence.

Suppose you were making your own essences, and the bowl you used to create the mother essence contained water solarized with a color matching your intention? And what if you put underneath the bowl a paper with positive words relating to your intention? And if you focused on that intention while attuning to the devas of the plant or mineral or other realm so that you and those devas co-created the essence with clear intention.

Suppose that, as Cynthia suggests, you were mixing essences for yourself or others, and you and the person clarified the intention behind the work? Then you have invoked in the ways that Dyer teaches. Then you have consciously selected essences with a clear, sharp focus of that intention.

Then suppose that when you mixed an essence for a client, you used solarized water that you had already made, related to that healing issue. (Dosage bottles exist in cobalt blue and green, not just the standard brown ones, so if the issue were related to blue or green light, you might choose a bottle in that color.) Then, suppose that you taped to the bottle a smaller piece of paper with positive words facing inward to the water. The label could be applied on top of that.

Suppose, finally, that in taking the essence, the person invoked the intention behind the essence mixture, then used affirmations designed to enhance the effects of the that mixture. Would it take some effort? Yes. Would it take some discipline? Yes. Would it take commitment? Yes, but how much more powerful the result would be? Dr. Bier's second article, emotowater.html, will clarify why choosing to participate actively in your own healing is crucial to the end result.

Wider, Global Applications

Are you wondering whether these ideas can be applied to more than just the needs of individuals? Could groups of people applying these ideas have an impact on global concerns? And can we, who are so dependent on the health of our water supply, use these idea to make an impact on bodies of water that sustain us? Can we, and should we not be, GIVING BACK to the waters of our world?

Well, people who have followed the development of Dr.Emoto's research are already not only wondering about its environmental potential but are already starting to work with it. When I spoke with Dr. Emoto's publisher about this book excerpt, she said that, directly in response to Dr. Emoto's efforts, the United Nations recently declared 2005 as the beginning of The Decade of Water. On 9/11/2005, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, a network of people around the United States -- the word spread through the internet -- joined at a specific time for meditation, visualization, and prayer for the contaminated waters of New Orleans. Early on that day, the city was 60% flooded, and it was believed it might take weeks for the waters to recede. The following day, officials announced that the city was suddenly only 40% flooded. Coincidence? We think not.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Donna Cunningham, MSW, is the co-editor of Vibration and a long-time educator and writer in the field of flower remedies. To see her recently published ebook about flower essences -- as well as her ebooks about astrology -- visit Moon Maven Publications.

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