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Editors' Note: Just to show how attuned the flower essence community is, this article submission came by email at the point where we THOUGHT we were ready to publish this issue. We love the idea -- simple yet with great potential!

In this world of greater understanding that all things are connected, the idea of sending healing, love and blessings is not so impossible. We have science backing up metaphysics, such as String Theory. Mathematics has always known that many energies exist, and Professor Stephen Hawking has proven interdimensionality.

My idea and ongoing project is to get as many people as possible putting bottles of flower essences on a map. In this way we can send healing vibrations to earthquakes, war zones, civil unrest, famines and disasters. This will facilitate healing of the planet and its peoples, flora and fauna.

I have in my spare room three maps, upon which I have placed some of my own Rose Cottage Flower Essences. However, you can use any suitable bottle of essences you already own.

The first map has bottles of Harmony for Nature (to bring balance and harmony after trauma) on the North and South Poles and the seas. The second map has bottles of Harmony for Nature, Angel of Peace (to bring Peace after turmoil) and Water of Enlightenment (for Courage at times of great distress) on the disaster areas and earthquakes. I have e-mail notification of all the big earthquakes from the United States Geological Survey site. The third map is for the thirteen ongoing wars and conflicts that are happening round the globe. I have Calming of the Waters (it does what it says!) and Truth on Iraq at the moment.

Many people have a bottle of Bach's Rescue Remedy in their first aid or medicine chest, and an old school atlas. I would encourage you to search them out. Make the intention to send the healing vibrations from the bottle to your chosen location on a map. If you have access to many different bottles then you can play more!

When I told a friend of mine about this project, SHE said that as soon as the London Bombings had occurred, she had got out a map of the underground and placed her essences upon it. Hopefully there are many who are doing the same.

Similarly you can send healing in this way to friends and family. Place the bottle of essence on a photograph or the person's name written on a piece of paper.

Here is another thought: you can send love, blessings and well-intentioned thoughts to anywhere and anyone. Love and Blessings could be sent to all those people in need, and the intention that aide, help and provisions will get to everyone that needs it. This could be done on a daily basis.

On our own, sending positive thoughts is powerful. Collectively, sending positive thoughts is hugely powerful. If many people put bottles of Flower essences on maps where there are disasters, wars and unrest, we can effect great change and bring about healing. It may be that like me you have sent some financial contribution, but this is what you can do to help when you do not have a bottomless pit of money! This is also a project that can be ongoing.

People by their thoughts and actions can change the world. We have the power to do great good, bring positive change, heal ourselves, the planet, and its flora and fauna. We just have to want to do it... we just have to care enough.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Robina Hearle is the maker of Rose Cottage Flower Essences and a flower essece therapist living in Suffolk England. It is here that she makes her range of essences and combinations and sprays. Some of the essences have been channelled for this time we are living to help with the earth changes. Robina is also a Reiki Master and a Chartered Physiotherapist in private practice. Having a foot in both camps of medicine allows for a truly holistic approach. She can be emailed here.

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